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Pictures, Finally!

I had forgotten all about the photos for the Lady Antebellum concert until this afternoon, when I was trying to find ways to avoid doing homework. They are not the greatest quality since they are from my BlackBerry, but they will do.

Clicking on an image to enlarge will take you to the Flickr web site.

Other than posting these, I don’t have much else to say! Yesterday we did a lot of driving while I looked for pathways/roads to take pictures of for my Photography 3 class. I figured I better get started now before everything turns brown. Not to mention, everything is bright and colorful this time of the year so it makes for perfect picture-taking conditions. I didn’t really find too many spots though, so I will have to continue my search again soon. I may look in the city this time for contrasting photos.

I also finished reading The Host today and am now moving on to the new Brisingr book. Woohoo. The only problem is that I am still stuck on The Host and it is hard to move on to a new book with that one on my mind. I guess I will have to give it more time for the effects of the book to wear off…

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