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I Did It!

Ah, I did it! The laptop I wanted went on sale for $150 less and some of my friends and Matt convinced me to get it! I was going to at least wait one more day to make sure that all my money was for sure transfered from my savings correctly, but I caved and got it last night. So now I am just paranoid.

But, I do love my new laptop! I am only using it for work though, at least 80% of the time anyway. More than likely no more than that (other than posting for this blog, which can also be considered work since I do offer web designs… right?). Anyway, the 20% I don’t use it for work will just be to watch Blu-ray movies, I just need to buy an HDMI cord now to connect to our TV. Oh, and buy some Blu-ray movies. That may help as well. haha

I am in the process of finishing up a design for a client so I need to get back to that so I can start on a new one. Plus, no more classes on Wednesdays! Woot!

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