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Studying is Overrated

I should really be studying for my HOI exam that is in a few hours, but instead I am eating chocolate chip cookies (yes, for breakfast), watching Regis & Kelly, and designing a web site. The last Chapter test we had, which was two Thursdays ago, the whole class bombed it terribly so you would think that would motivate me. Naw. It works much better for me, well with this short of a study guide anyways, to study five minutes before class. haha.

After Photo 3 today, a bunch of us “photo nerds” are getting together to do some work in the studio. Basically we are just practicing with setting up the lights since that is one thing that was never really taught here. I should bring it up in my exit survey that I have to do within the next week or two since they want the graduates to help them improve the department. Actually, there are probably going to be a lot of things that I will bring up that the department lacks in. Let’s face it, the Communications Department at UWP isn’t exactly top-notch.

Once today is over, the weekend is pretty much here! I really don’t count working as anything since I enjoy it most of the time. On Friday night we are going to see Saw V with a few friends and then Saturday is Freight Fest at Six Flags! I’m excited, just a bit worried that I may get nauseous or something… although last time I was there (about five or six years ago) the rides were a bit dull to me so I didn’t even come close to being sick. However, since I am older and wimpier now, I have reasons to worry.

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