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To Buy or Not to Buy

With each passing day, I am getting a stronger urge to purchase that new laptop I have been wanting. If you remember in this post, I had talked about how I wanted to get the new MacBook when it game out this month. However, after taking a look at it I wasn’t as excited as I hoped to be. Plus, I weighed the pros and cons of purchasing a Mac over a PC. I concluded that it is not only cheaper to get an equivalent PC notebook but it would also save me from buying all new software. I do not own any Mac software, obviously, so that could get a bit pricey. Not only that, but I do not know how I would live without some of the programs I use that are PC based only.

VAIO® FW Series Notebook PC
VAIO® FW Series Notebook PC

I am now wanting the Sony VAIO FW Series Notebook. Not only are they delicious in every aspect, but they are affordable. I’ve checked out a few at the local BestBuy stores and am still debating on the actual notebook itself. My biggest barrier right now is that I do not want to spend that much money, even if they are affordable! Call me cheap, but I feel like I will need the money in the future. My current laptop is only about three, maybe four years old, but it became outdated fast! Plus it is a Toshiba and a piece of crap. I do not recommend Toshiba laptops to anyone. My DVD drive does not work properly, I keep getting random pressure points on the screen for no reason, even though I updated it to 2GB of RAM it is still slower than a dead snail, at least one of the USB ports does not function properly anymore, the wireless internet NEVER stays connected for more than a minute, I have re-formatted the hard-drive more times than I can count because things keep going wrong with programs and can never be fixed until everything is wiped clean, the battery only lasts for about 5 minutes at most, 99% of the time it doesn’t turn on by itself if it is not plugged in (even before the battery went to shit), I had to purchase a new power cord because the original one started to make buzzing noises and throw sparks, the card reader does not read cards. I could keep naming things but we would be here all day.

As of now, I only use my laptop on Monday’s when I have a four or five hour break between classes. However, if I had a properly working laptop I would use it more often and I would then be able to work at local cafe’s and bookstores. Now, I just need to find the motivation to actually buy one. That means that the one I want needs to go on sale, I win the lottery or that itch to buy one gets too strong and I have no other option but to cave.

I guess we will see which one comes first!

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