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A not so merry Christmas

This holiday season has been busier than usual, for good reasons and bad reasons. In reality, it hardly feels like Christmas has passed and it is now New Years Eve. Where did Christmas go and how did I miss it?

Normally, I enjoy Christmas decorating and the cheerful music but this year I went without both. I tried to listen to some holiday tunes on Christmas Eve, but it didn’t create any enjoyment for me. Just boredom. Sadly, after one song I turned it off and sat in silence while I worked.

It is no question to why I have been a little down this Christmas, my Grandmother passed away only four short days before. Roughly 1:30 a.m on  December 21st. It was completely out-of-the-blue and I am still in disbelief over it since I just saw her weeks before and she was perfectly fine. It was just one of those things, where she is fine one moment and gone the next. She was even at the doctor the day before to get testing done because she was having anxiety attacks. Her heart and health checked out fine. At least she was with my parents, they had just picked her up from her apartment.

Her funeral was on the 23rd, and even though it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be it still wasn’t easy. I didn’t listen to much of the service because I knew it would probably send me over the edge, and I definitely did not approach the coffin to see her for the last time. That is not the way I want to remember anybody, especially a loved one.

At least I still have the joy over finally graduating college and getting a 4.0 the last semester. My first semester with straight A’s. It is a good feeling, especially since it was not easy. Now that school is all over and grades are out, I feel fifty pounds lighter; and even though I still do not have a new job, I am enjoying where I am right now. I love my current job – designing web sites (graphically and coding). I am starting a huge Flash project soon and am really excited about it. I need to brush up on my Flash skills, and I will also be learning a ton of new things. The Action Scripting will suck, but it will help in my current job search.

It is sad to say that I have only applied for five jobs, there really isn’t anything else in my field in this area right now. I am annoyed at the economy for being this bad when I finally am done with college, but it is not surprising that it ended up like this. That is alway show my luck rolls. But to stay optimistic, it always starts bad and ends good so there is that to look forward to.

On another note, I am already sick of this layout. I still have tons of other things to finish first before I even begin to think of creating a new design. Bah.

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