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Cars and stuff

For excitement today we went to the Madison Car Show. It was actually pretty fun. There were several of vehicles there that I wouldn’t mind taking home. Haha. Maybe we will get really lucky and win a car from the drawing that we entered. Wouldn’t that be exciting??

Other than that, we didn’t do a whole lot. Bummed around for a bit then cleaned the apartment. We are having a friend over tomorrow so I wanted to make the place at least some what presentable. We have mountains of laundry to do as well, so it has been keeping Matt pretty busy all night. He does the laundry and I do the dishes. Fair enough, although it will be much more even once we have a dishwasher.

We are also getting more and more excited to move to our apartment and to get Maggie. We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well. What I am not looking forward to is tacking on fifteen more minutes to my drive. That will make it about an hour each way. That also means that I have to get up even earlier since I work at eight. Bummer. We also drove by the apartment today and realized that there are a lot of apartment complexes next to it that have at least one apartment for rent. I thought about checking those out, but most places aren’t as lenient on pets as the place we are hoping to get. They will only charge us $25 extra  a month for two cats and a dog. Not bad at all.

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