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Not a whole lot of anything

I went on a little downloading spree yesterday on iTunes. If you haven’t heard of Thriving Ivory or any of their songs, I highly recommend their CD. It is fabulous, especially Angels on the Moon and Alien. Hopefully we will get to go to their concert in the city on February 14th. That would be soo exciting, especially since I hear they are great in concert. I also downloaded You Found Me by The Fray, and I stopped myself from downloading three other CDs. Remember, I am saving money! Geesh.

Today I sent in the application for our hopefully new apartment. I am counting down the days until we can move. It will be a pain to move all of our crap, but once it is all done and we are settled in… hopefully all will be good.

Well, that is all for today. It is past my bedtime. Haha. Oy, I am old.

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