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Oh Mr. Frost. How I love thee.

Today started off so well. Ok, not really. I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before, haha, but I hate winter. With a passion. This morning it was very cold. I don’t remember the exact temperature, but it was at least -17*F below zero before the windchill (135 schools closed in our area, all of them except one!)While I was getting ready I suddenly heard a car horn blaring. This is a solid blare, not like a car alarm. So Matt went outside to see if it was one of our vehicles, and sure enough Matt’s work truck was the source of all the noise. It was too damn cold for it so it caused it to go crazy. He doesn’t have a car alarm on it, so he had to hit the horn to get it to stop. I also had him turn my car on while he was out there, so I had my car running about 30 minutes before I tried to leave the parking lot. Except, here is the kicker, my car was frozen to slush which was frozen to the parking lot (which sort of fell out of my wheel wells some way or the other during this blistering cold weather. As if it had a chance to melt. Ha.)  Go figure!

After chizzling out my car and hopefully not doing any damage to it, I made it out. Then, as soon as I hit the freeway, kabamm-o, my windshield and all my windows went instantly to frost. Thick frost, may I add. I could hear the cracking of ice forming and could not see a damn thing! Well, except for this very tiny clear spot way at the bottom. So then, I had to have the defrost on as high as it would go and on the coldest setting. As if -17* wasn’t cold enough, why not blow cold air on myself? Heck, why don’t I just turn on the air conditioner?

So it took fifteen minutes and of course, the passenger side is crystal clear and the driver’s side is still one solid chunk of frost. After all this is said and done, I am late for work. I don’t know how I made it alive since I couldn’t see a damn thing pretty much the entire way (45 minutes). Oh well. I am not going anywhere tomorrow, not that I would be able to. My car is almost on empty and I didn’t want to die of hypothermia trying to fill it up today, so it may not start. At least tomorrow will be above zero. Six whole degrees.

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