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Shopping Trip

Yes, I know. Going shopping isn’t considered saving money. But my sister is a bad influence. She has been talking about TJ Maxx for weeks now and how great of a store it is, so I thought I would go check one out. I don’t think the store here is as big as hers is since it seems to be in a pretty dead – and very small – shopping mall, but it still gave me an idea of the wonders it possesses.

I was a little disappointed at the furniture selection, I was hoping to find something absolutely delightful to add to our apartment, but there was nothing even close to spectacular. It took me two browsings through the purse section to finally find one that was suitable, as I am very picky when it comes to purses. Perhaps the pickiest purse buying on the planet? Or maybe not. Anyway, I settled on a small XOXO purse. It was $9.99 as opposed to the original $40. Who in their right mind would pay $40 for a purse the size of my shoe? Seriously.

I also did some browsing through the jean section and found three lovely pairs, unfortunately only one pair actually fit and those were the most expensive. $40. Not to mention I will need to wear heals with them since they are more for someone much taller than I, and the bottoms are too narrow for a simple shoe. I love heals but heals do not love ice, therefore I may not be able to wear them for a while. Especially since we are getting more ice on Friday. Grrr.

And last but not least (actually it was the first thing that we did) we baught some presents for Matt’s sisters. You will see them below. Since it is 11:30 at night and my brain is pretty much dead right now, I cannot think of appropriate names for them.

After shopping at TJ Maxx, we headed over to Barns & Noble. My favorite store. I love drinking hot chocolate (coffee is disgusting) and reading books. We spent over an hour there since I was trying to find the perfect Flash CS4 book. I’m not sure if I found it, but I did buy one. It is simply called Flash CS4 for Designers. Their selection was very limited.

My splurges, if you call it that.
My splurges, if you call it that.

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