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Warm weather would be nice.

The high for tomorrow is -6*F. I believe the windchill will be somewhere around -40*F. It is not going to be a fun morning to wake up early to go to work. A lot of schools in the area are closed already because of the temperatures. I think tomorrow is suppose to be the coldest this week, then it will warm back up to the teens.

Because of this cold weather is why I hate living in Wisconsin sooo much. If the temperatures were a little higher in the winter, it wouldn’t be that bad. After all, snow is pretty to look at. But come on! I may as well move to the Yukon.

Today I started cleaning out the closets for our upcoming move. I threw a bunch of things out and just need to wait for Matt to get around to cleaning out his stuff. He has a lot of old papers from college that can be tossed. Or should be tossed… we will see if they actually do. We need to go searching for some large boxes as well, or invest in some more bins since now we will have a lot of storage. That is one thing that I will not miss about this apartment, we have no storage at all! One of our closets is used for the washer and dryer, another is the coat/shoe closet, another is for our clothes, a tiny one is for the towels, and the last is where we pack the crap. The closet is plumb full (it is in the office) and you get attacked every time you open it. Oh, and we need to get rid of this extra mattress we have. It is just propped up against the wall in the office and it drives me nuts! Especially since Tweak likes to climb it and it makes a horrible noise.

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