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Bored with no Internet

Since the Internet is down here at work and I have absolutely nothing to do right now – it has been down since about 8:30, for the past five hours now – I thought it would be a good time to write a blog post and actually post it when we do have Internet.

Last weekend we went to the Thriving Ivory concert, subsequently held on Valentine’s Day. I was really surprised at how small the arena was for it. Usually the concerts we go to are in a huge building filled with tons and tons of rowdy people. At this concert, however, everyone was pretty calm so it wasn’t too bad of an atmosphere. The bad thing, however, was that there was nowhere to sit so we had to stand for several hours. Not fun, especially since there were three bands before Thriving Ivory and the first one started at 9:00 p.m. I was really tired by the time the main event rolled around and my back was in a lot of pain.

We actually ended up leaving early, about the fifth song in. I felt like I was the only one actually enjoying the band and we all know concerts are not very fun when you are the only one in the group who actually knows the words to the songs. So it was a little disappointing but no big deal. It was nice to get out and see our friends.

Another reason we wanted to leave early and get home was because Maggie has separation anxiety and was apparently crying the whole time we were gone – this was the first time since we got her that she was by herself for more than fifteen minutes. Not fun for the neighbors. I got an email from our landlord saying that some neighbors were complaining about it. We are currently trying to work with her to break her of this habit, but we haven’t made it past step 1 yet (granted we did only start the process on Saturday). This will be a very long process. So in the meantime, the upside to not being able to leave the apartment without her is that we aren’t spending a lot of money.

I really don’t mind staying home and saving money either. Since we have moved into our new apartment, I feel like I am always tired! By the time dinner is done with I am ready for bed, and sometimes even before I start dinner. So sitting and watching TV or curling up on the couch and reading is pretty much the only thing that I have energy for. It is probably a result of being a little bit depressed right now. The main reason being the stupid weather. I HATE winter and it always being so cold/snowy/slippery/dark and just plain awful. Snow is tolerable and nice to look at for maybe the first week or two – a month at the most – but after that I simply hate it.

Anyway, I am going to get back to doing absolutely nothing. Fun.

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