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And Now We Wait…

We put in our offer yesterday. Exciting! However, the home seller and their Realtor are both on vacation until Tuesday or Wednesday. Are you kidding me?! I am going to get little sleep until we hear something back, the suspense is ridiculous!

I am not a fan of waiting.

They know that an offer is being submitted so I am really hoping that they take a few minutes, look it over and get back to us. I am also hoping that they just accept the offer and don’t counter, but I am not getting too excited about that. We went $9,000 below the asking price – which isn’t too bad if you ask me – and also asked for closing costs, which is a lot cheaper than we thought it would be. Our Realtor has high hopes that it will be accepted right away since the house has been on the market for a few months and hasn’t got an offer yet. By looking at the statistics of the seller, she is also guessing they will want to get rid of it pretty fast.

Tomorrow early morning we are leaving for Chicago to stay with a friend of mine. That will hopefully keep us occupied for a few days.

*crosses fingers and toes*

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