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House Update

Everything has been going smoothly thus far on our house. We have an inspection set up for Thursday afternoon and hopefully the appraisal will get done this week as well – our Mortgage Officer is going on vacation for a week starting Thursday so he wants to get as much done this week as he can.

I am extremely nervous for the appraisal since our loan depends on it going well in order to get the loan. The inspection I am not too worried about since the owner agreed to doing any major fixes and if they don’t we can back out of the contract. I am worried the electrical will be a problem since it looks like they did a lot of it themselves. Also, the Living Room’s outlets do not appear to be grounded. If this is a problem that comes up, I cross my fingers that the current home owners will fix it.

One of Matt’s co-workers was interested in moving into our area very soon, so she looked at our apartment last night. She seemed to like it quite a bit and will let him know early this week what her decision is. She would move in on October 1st, so a few days after closing. It would be perfect timing. If she decides she doesn’t want it, Matt has a few other people who may want to move to the area. I really hope the first girl takes it though, it would make me feel loads better. Although, I will then be nervous the loan/house will fall through and we won’t have anywhere to live.

Maybe I should just stop worrying and let things happen.

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