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A word to the wise…

Word to the wise, never look up reviews to a creepy and old hotel before you stay there… especially when you already made reservations and can’t back out.

Matt and I had to spend a couple of nights in a hotel last weekend because of a wedding, so we decided to stay in the one that the bride and groom reserved for all of their guests.

That is all fine and dandy… but turns out the reviews claim the place is haunted.




I tried going in with an open mind, but since I already have a bit of fear of old things and old places, it was kind of hard to do.

This place was built in the 1920’s. Old enough to give me a complex.

See the entrance? It’s pretty, yes… but old.

And the lobby? Still old and still creepy.

That clock you see is possessed.

I don’t have evidence of this, but there is no way it cannot be.

I am an expert at these things.

It’s like a sixth sense.

Upon entering our hotel room, which was on the 8th floor, I felt a little bit better. It was so small and cute. It was like a studio apartment.

But then… see the door? That beveled out portion opens up… and is creepy. Looks like a coffin. Or at the very least, a secret compartment to stuff dead bodies.

So same difference.

This is the cute little “kitchen”. I didn’t get a very good shot of it.

And the cute little bathroom.

I could have made this my new home.

Except I could live without all of the strange noises I heard in the middle of the night.

Just my mind playing tricks on me… I hope.

2 thoughts on “A word to the wise…

  1. I’d be freaked out too since I am always easily freaked out anyways. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that would think there are bodies stuffed in that little door too, haha.

    Merry Christmas!

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