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Epic Fail

You know what is more difficult than it looks?


Maybe it is because I fail epically at following directions. I need step-by-step photo instructions to guarantee that I am doing something correctly.

I bought this “I Taught Myself Knitting” book since I have been wanting to make a new blanket for some time.

I also bought this very soft, and thick yarn.

The book claims to be easy, step-by-step instructions so you will be knitting in minutes.



Upon looking at the illustrations it seems that it will be easy since it appears to be “step-by-step”.

It took me like ten minutes to make the slip knot, haha. I had to study the first image very closely. I mean, really, how many people make slip knots on a daily basis?

I am no cub scout people.

But what really got me is step 7. “Draw needle and yarn back through loop on thumb.”


Common sense told me that “draw” means to bring it back through…. yeah, well I did this.

One, it did not look like Diagram 6 at any time of the “drawing through” part.

Two, when I did this it just created a big knot of nothingness.

So I tried it another way, and another, and another.

Two hours later and I am going nowhere fast.

Maggie knows when it is time to give up.

She is embarrassed when I show her how far I came (nowhere) in that amount of time.

So I took her advice and went back to crocheting.

Even though I have successfully crocheted in the past… this didn’t go so well either.

So you know what?

I blame the yarn…

6 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Hahah, I’ve tried knitting before and I horribly failed at this too. I need my Grandma to teach me and I’m not sure about that since I don’t think I have the patience to learn (again after failing) and fail again!

  2. Yeah, it is a little discouraging after failing so many times. But I am sure once you get it down pat it gets more exciting and less frustrating… maybe?

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