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Now What

I have been out of college for about thirteen months now. During these thirteen months I have been visiting job boards looking for full-time graphic design positions, photography positions, web developer positions, and even job positions working with animals. I have applied for 95% of the legit jobs that came available in my area, which sadly is a whopping ten jobs at most.

I heard back from ONE company for an interview. They were the only company who actually looked at my portfolio. The rest of the companies are not willing to pay for the experience and quality they call for.

For this company that actually got back to me, I applied for a Sr. Graphic Design position that dealt with their print material. This is a huge company so it would be a big responsibility. However, I have barely done any print graphic design. Most of my work is based around web. Anyway, the company calls me and asks me if I would like to interview for a temporary web graphic design position.

I am all up for this. Right now, I have a fantastic job as a Graphic Designer and Web Developer that I have been doing for eight years now. The problem? It is over an hour drive one way (which really, really sucks in the winter when the roads suck) and the company isn’t doing so well at the present time. The risks for a temporary position that may turn into a full-time position with an amazing company seem to be a lot less than knowing if the company I work for now will sink or float in the next few months, or even weeks.

The interview goes great. The Creative Director of the company assures me that if this position does not turn full time after a year then he can get me into the photography division or another division of the company. All of the designers there have started out as a temporary position and turned into full time. I am really confident after leaving the interview that I have a good chance at getting the job.

A month passes and I cannot get a hold of the HR Director. She finally emails me and tells me that they are unable to move forward with the position.


To say the least, I am extremely bummed.

I am so stressed out about my current job collapsing and then us not being able to pay the bills. We cannot live off of one pay check and we barely have any savings. Not to mention, I have been job hunting for over a year, and that makes me feel hopeless about this situation.

I do do some of my own work on the side, websites and wedding photography, but with a full time job during the day it is hard to find time to grow with my own business. I have always dreamed about starting my own business, in fact that is what I wanted to do once I graduated college. However, with the lack of funds and really no connections – I don’t know a lot of people, especially anyone who would need a website – I am feeling a bit defeated and deflated.

I’m certainly not going to give up job hunting, but maybe it is time to do something different. Take a chance for once. I don’t know. I am just getting tired of feeling like I have no control over how my future pans out.

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  1. I’m in a similar position. The guy I work for could one day decide he no longer needs me as much or at all and then where will I be? I’ve been applying lately too and haven’t come up with anything remotely related to my current field of work and am not looking forward to looking outside of web design. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out. Good luck!

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