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A Wedding Book

I spent a majority of my day yesterday working on a wedding book for some friends of mine.

Today, I feel like I ran a marathon. Up hill.

I am soo incredibly sore! I was sitting on the hard wood floor making it since I didn’t have enough space elsewhere. Bad idea I guess.

Good news is that it is finally done and they came over for dinner last night and took it home with them.

I wasn’t the photographer at their wedding but as a wedding present to them, I brought along my camera and captured some shots throughout the night. So nothing overly creative, just photo-journalistic shots.

I started off by cutting out all of the photos with my utility knife. I used to have a good metal ruler with cork backing for these kinds of things but somebody back in the days of college stole it in the Art Building (creative name for a university building, no?) so I had to use this slippery plastic one. My wrist and fingers were falling off by the time I was finished.

My ruler got more abuse than I did though. The edges are no longer straight.

I decided to stick with the paper that comes in the scrapbooks, the plain white stuff, as the background. Therefore, I didn’t want to use glue to hold the pictures down because I didn’t want it to show through to the other side. Instead, I used those tiny double sided tape squares you see in the photo. I must have stuck and peeled a million of them.


There were more but my cat decided to eat some…

Apparently we don’t feed them enough.

Then I had to carefully measure so the pictures were even. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally put the wrong pictures down. There are pictures on both sides of the paper and I kept putting the wrong ones back to back, then I had to peel them all off and start over.

My brain confuses itself sometimes.

However, it eventually came together nicely. I don’t like the glare that you get with the plastic photo album pages, but it saved some money and made it more personal.

They seemed to like it.

Needless to say, I don’t think I will ever do scrapbooking again. Or anything related.

I don’t have the patience or the flexibility.

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  1. That’s nice of you to do that! I wish I could do mine… I have a scrapbook I received from a friend for our wedding and haven’t done anything to do it yet. I could easily do it in my head but not physically 😉

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