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More advice, please!

When the temperatures finally warm up and we know that we are going to have a nice week or two, Matt and I want to repaint the house. The paint is starting to peel since it wasn’t the highest quality and the current colors are kind of bland.

I always struggle with choosing colors because I am more of a visual person. I like to see something in its entirety before I commit to it. Hence, why I am a graphic designer. I love the undo button!

This is why I need your help! I found a color combination that I love and I think will look good on our style of house. But I am just not 100% sure…

These are the current colors. First off, we are going to cut down a lot of these bushes to do new landscaping. They don’t look this nice now and they are trapping moisture next to the house. So they have to go.

I am not sure what type of landscaping I want to do, but I think I will cross that bridge after the painting is complete.

Now, these are the colors I am thinking. The image is from a Better Homes & Gardens article. The house style is kind of similar… well as similar as you can get to our style of house.

The orange is kind of bold, something that I wouldn’t normally do. But I like it. I like how it pops against the brown-ish – whatever you want to call it – color.

We wouldn’t be able to do the cream-ish striped pattern at the peaks because, well, we don’t have peaks like that and ours are too large and it would just look silly. That makes me kind of sad because I think that is one aspect of the color combination that makes it go from bland to exciting.

So, any suggestions?

Do you think those colors would just look strange on our house?

Do you think it would be too dark?

Do I just need to stop thinking so much and go for it?


4 thoughts on “More advice, please!

  1. I like the light colors! Dark colors are a little bit hard on the weather especially in dry/hot places like Arizona because it can fade the colors. I’d go for light colors and bold colors on the accent parts like the door and windows. πŸ™‚

  2. i totally agree with steph anne! personally, i’m not a huge fan of how dark the brown is, and the orange is a little much for me. it might stand out too much, in a bad way.

    here are a few ideas i’ve always loved:

    house: light olive
    shutters & garage door: black
    front door: either black or red

    house: soft yellow
    shutters & garage door: white
    front door: red

    …i love red doors! your house is totally “cutesie” and can get away with a bold front door to pop.

    either way, i’m sure you’ll think of something great πŸ™‚

  3. Ew! Don’t do those colors. I like the colors your house already is. Its bright on the inside, you dont need the outside to be bright πŸ˜›

  4. Thanks for the advice everyone πŸ™‚ I found some more colors – lighter – that I like. I am still undecided though. My biggest concern with light colors is that in winter, well everything is white. So I wanted something with more color. Something that wouldn’t blend in. Because around here, winter lasts forever!

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