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Im still alive!

I know, it has been a long time since I last updated. Let me tell you this…

Days go by way to fast!

Really. I swear yesterday was the beginning of April and now it’s almost the middle of May.

Anyway, I’ve been busy trying to come up with a new layout. This one took me eight hours to design and two hours to code… way to long if you ask me. It is pretty graphic heavy for loading purposes, so I hope no one had to wait too long! And, like the last few, it is longer than some of your screen resolutions. I apologize for this. It looks the same in all browsers, well I am not sure about IE6 since I don’t have that browser… so hopefully it looks okay there. Although, I have my doubts.

IE6 needs to die.

That is all. I will have a real update up soon.

I hope.

4 thoughts on “Im still alive!

  1. LOVE the new design! I myself am in the midst of designing and coding a pretty graphic high theme as we speak and it’s taking way too long in my opinion. I hope mine turns out as good as yours did!

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