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Matts Vision

This past weekend Matt and I spent all of our time outside trying to beautify our yard. The only landscaping our yard had was a few overgrown bushes, lots of weeds (I think the old owners planted dandelions and creeping charlie. Maybe even some poison ivy?), and some puny looking pine trees. I am not very good at visualizing these things, so I left it up to Matt to decide what we were going to do.

Here is a picture of our backyard before. See the two pine trees? Those are now gone. Matt and our neighbor sawed them down.

Matt’s vision was to put a four foot fence up – just for a bit of privacy – add some mulch, a bench, plants, and a fire pit.

Since Menards was having a re-grand opening sale on some things we needed and we had a couple of $5 off coupons, we picked up everything at a great price.

Woot for saving some money!

Anyway, the hardest part (which I left up to Matt since I am that nice) was digging the holes for the fence posts and getting them all equal in height and lined up.

It really didn’t take that long to do.

We then put some plastic down so we didn’t have to dig up all of the grass and covered it with mulch. As you can see, we forgot about the plastic before Matt drove his truck in and dumped the mulch. Haha, oops. So we just did around it. We had some bricks at our house too that were left from the previous owners, which turned out great!

This was all accomplished in about four hours. Not bad.

The next day we went to some local greenhouses to find some plants. The hard part was that most of the nice looking plants needed full sun. We did end up finding some part sun/shade vines to put around the fence. I never heard of them before, but they are called Candy Corn Vines. The flowers look exactly like candy corn. Then we got some evergreen bushes to put around the bird bath and a few other plants.

Here is our product thus far. I did add a couple more plants and a birdhouse. I also want to plant some more flowers maybe and Matt has to bury the fire pit a little bit. Then we are going to get some post caps. I will post a photo later once the vines start to cover the fence.

The one thing Matt doesn’t like is how the posts don’t match. I am hoping the vines help cover this, but he is thinking about building around them with cedar lumbar so they do fit in.

But overall, I think it turned out great for a weekend project… Next we are either painting the master bedroom (we need to do this before the carpet we ordered is installed) or cleaning out a spot for a garden…

Anyone else doing any big projects over the summer?

5 thoughts on “Matts Vision

  1. And this was more important then sending me my graduation photos? PFFT. And, uh, I don’t know if you noticed but your fence is only like 1/4 of the way around your yard 😛 Maggie can still get out. haha

  2. aw, it looks awesome!

    if the whole colour thing bugs him, why not stain the wood? i stained a friend’s deck once, so i know it’s a lot of work, but it looks great when it’s done!

    i miss having a yard- that’s the one downfall of my new place, the only “yard” i have is a creepy alleyway. the good news is: the bums always clean out my recycling bin so i never have to bring the empties back. ahhhh, downtown living.

    can’t wait to see more projects!

  3. Thanks everyone! We had originally thought about painting it or staining it but we like how the natural wood looks (especially when it’s wet), so we are going to coat it with a clear lacquer.

  4. that’s a good idea!

    also, if you want a bit of a modern twist with what you’ve already done, you could stain the posts black, and then use the clear lacquer on the rest.

    either way, it looks great!

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