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Guest Bedroom Update

I’ve been doing a lot of searching the past few months to find a good comforter for the guest bedroom/office. I wanted one that looked nice, was fun and bright, but was also cheap. We don’t have guests over who stay the night very often so it only gets used a few times a year at most.

I actually consider it the cats’ bed because they are always on it, as you will see from the photos below.

Since I am very indecisive on most things, I went back and forth between a few sets. I found one I really liked at Target that was on sale, but they didn’t have any in Full size. I even looked online for it and had no luck.

After a few days of pouting, I decided to get the original one I had decided on from Wal-mart. Except, they had an even cuter one. What really made my decision was the cute throw pillows.

Too cute.

Cute little pillow, no?

But I think it brightens up the room very well and the room doesn’t look as small now.

I think Hunter is enjoying it the most.

2 thoughts on “Guest Bedroom Update

  1. My cats are all extremely lazy haha. They just sleep on one of the beds all day and that is pretty much it… rough lives they lead!

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