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Still Broken

So my laptop is still broken. I picked it up Wednesday afternoon and the guy told me that he cleaned up some corrupt files on the hard drive and since then it only froze once.

It cost me $45. Which isn’t bad, but I have never taken a computer in before since my Dad always fixes them. The only reason I took it in was because he is always busy and I thought a part would need to be ordered and it is impossible to find Sony parts!

So I am mad that I spent $45 for nothing. The only reason there were corrupt files was because the damn thing kept freezing and you needed to hold the power button to turn it off. Oy. I should have mentioned to him that there would be corrupt parts and that was not the problem.

So anyway, I got it back. I used it for work on Thursday. Then Friday it wanted to install 18 updates for Windows. Then it froze on the updates. I let it sit there forever and finally gave up because it wasn’t going to magically unfreeze. Now, I am assuming because it froze in the middle of updates, I can’t even get Windows or Safe Mode to load. It just sits on a black screen.

Sooo, I am annoyed. I will have to create a boot disk I suppose. Hopefully I will have time to fix it before Monday.

So frustrating.

Anyway, I made this layout several weeks ago on my laptop and decided to back it up just in case. Good thing I did so I can actually post it! Go download it!

I also made a fix to the Spring & Summer theme. It corrects bullets in posts. So if you downloaded it, please re-download.

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