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The Past Few Days

These past few days have been extremely random. Nothing really goes together so I figured why not just throw them into one giant, unorganized post.

Starting off, the update on my laptop.

I will say that I am never buying a Sony Vaio again. I only owned it for a year and a half and guess what? It is dead. DEAD.

Since the hard drive was all screwed up and Windows basically killed itself, I thought I would reformat the hard drive. I saved my files on Wednesday, after I spent $37.00 on a hard drive recovery program, so I really had nothing to lose. Since I had Solaris on me at the time, I was just going to install that first to make sure that the drive still worked before I went out and spent way too much money on Windows 7.

Well it all went through, but upon doing an update to the new operating system, my laptop started making a lot of noise. Almost like the DVD drive was working over time.

Then. Nothing. It turned off and wouldn’t turn back on. The motherboard died.

Insert explicit language here.

So. I had to go out and buy a new computer since I needed it to go into work the next day.

I had enough with Windows and all of its nonsense so I just bought a MacBook Pro.

The only problem now is that Adobe has the worst customer service ever and won’t transfer my license for CS4 over to a mac license because “they no longer have CS4 stocked in their warehouse to make sure they have enough room for CS5.”


One: I just need the license not a DVD. Two: The box is like half an inch thick, not like it’s the size of a refrigerator.

And Three: I am pretty much sure that they just want me to buy CS5. But I’m not buying it people.

Anywho. New MacBook Pro = Love. Although I do, sad to say, miss a few PC features. Like the delete vs. backspace keys, the home and end key, and the uniqueness of how the program windows look (such as AIM and MSN). And I can’t use my favorite CSS editor now.

Oh well, moving on. Sorry.

End useless rant.

Yesterday we had the weirdest weather ever. It has been raining pretty much every day for the last few weeks and last night was no exception. Except it decided to storm with clearish skies. It was odd.

But look at the pretty rainbow! I did a poor job at capturing its magnificence but you get the idea. It was the best full rainbow I have seen.

A few seconds after I took this lightning shot across the sky. It was crazy.

But today we finally had a beautiful day. And what better way to end this post than by showing you my two crazy dogs.

They are special.

I applaud you for making it this far. Thank you.

1 thought on “The Past Few Days

  1. I just cannot get the hang of Macs – they confuse me. I spent HOURS looking for the # key on one, only to find that you have to press some key to bring it up. One day I might get one but I’ll stick with PC. Although I do have similar problems to you with Windows – DAMN YOU WINDOWS 7. I actually hate it!

    P.S. That rainbow photo is beautiful, one of the best I’ve seen!!

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