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When the Humans are Away the Dogs will Play

Lately, our two dogs have been rotten when we are out. The little dog hates being in his kennel now that he has had a taste of life outside it while we are gone. He digs and digs at the door, and wines and makes all sorts of noise. He also slides his kennel across the room and sometimes gets a jacket or other piece of clothing and somehow gets it in his cage and rips it up. Oh, and he purposely pees out the sides of the kennel. Little brat. So, we just keep them both in the kitchen.

This is what happened last time.

He ripped up a few paper shopping bags.

And he made sure he did a good job.

Other things they have done?

Maggie has ate spatulas, knocked a glass off the counter and shattered it all over, goes through the garbage religiously (even ones with just paper), and eats things off of the counter.

Since Ernie is smaller and can’t get on the counter or in the garbage – but trust me he would if he could – he has done other things. Like eat the bug spray and assisted in eating an entire container of cat treats, including the lid.

Just when you think the house is dog proof, they prove us wrong.

Anyone want two rotten dogs?

4 thoughts on “When the Humans are Away the Dogs will Play

  1. Ernie sounds like my Aussie. Cooper has the habit of chewing holes in the wall while in his kennel so I have to keep a good 6in parameter around his kennel so he can’t get to the wall haha. I can’t imagine what he’d do outside his kennel while I am gone.

  2. Wow. That is some major destruction right there. What kind of dogs do you have?? Can you just bolt the kennel to the floor? LOL. I have a dog, a Pug named Leah, and every day I count my lucky stars that she is docile, submissive, and obedient!

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