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We finally had some time to go camping this year. Usually we go a couple times during the summer, but this year we have been busier than usual (I blame house projects!) and the weather has been soo hot and humid. Oh, and it was always raining.

Those weather combinations do not make for good camping.

Anyway, this was also our first camp outing with our dogs, so we just went somewhere thirty minutes away.

The best part about this park is that it has a lot of nice walking trails. And even better is this…

A waterfall! It is in a valley so the temperatures are nice and cool, and it is quite peaceful. Magical really.

I could spend all day down there!

Even with there being people around almost always, it is still a peaceful place.

The dogs did pretty well climbing down into the valley. The stairs were pretty steep, basically just random flat boulders placed to create a path down the hill side. The first time we ever hiked it I forgot to bring tennis shoes so I was stuck sliding around in my flip-flops. Not fun!

The woods also open up to a walking trail alongside the stream. Not a lot of people chose to walk the path so it is a really nice, and quiet hike with plenty of areas to explore.

Surprisingly, the trail later opens up to this gorgeous field full of butterflies and other small critters before going back into the woods. How gorgeous can one trail be?!

After some adventures at the dog beach (Ernie got beat up by a girl pup) and grabbing some ice cream, we headed back to our campsite. For being the last site available, it was actually really nice. I was worried it would be the worst one. But it was nestled in-between some trees and actually pretty private.

It was a good weekend. Hopefully we will be able to have more camping adventures soon!

3 thoughts on “Camping

  1. I really love the pictures you took while camping. I love camping. I am glad I got to go a few times this year. Wish the summer was not over though. What kind of camera do you have? Just curious.. looking to get a new one.

  2. Thanks! I use a Nikon D300. I used to use a Nikon D40x, so I have been using all Nikon for awhile and think they are all great cameras. I would recommend one!

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