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An update: I fail at blogging

I know, I have been too quiet lately. I have nothing to write about but at the same time, lots to tell you. If that makes any sense at all.

I started a new job six weeks ago. It has been great, and I love it. I don’t want to say too many specifics about it since it is a known fact that you should not blog about your job… not that I have anything bad to say… but if I did, it wouldn’t be on here I suppose.

I will tell you that I love working in the city (even though there are some terrible drivers on the roads), having several meetings a week, how there are more than seven people working at the company (there are roughly 700), and how I have to dress up every day to go to work. It is a whole new experience from what I am use to.

I feel like I have a purpose where I am at now. Not that I didn’t enjoy where I was before, but I felt like there was nowhere to grow. I was stuck at home 3 out of the 5 days with little interaction with clients or co-workers, and it was starting to get tiresome. I was bored too often and tired from having nothing to do.

Now, there is life in my work and already I am experiencing opportunities that I would never had the chance to with my old job.

Last week I went out with my co-workers to dinner and a theatre showing. It was right in the heart of the city, and besides the blistering winds, it was a wonderful time. I love walking through the city at night, with all of the lights and sounds. And the smells of all the different restaurants and different cultures. I really wish I would have taken my camera to share the experience.

The play itself was a bit strange. It was nothing of what I imagined and there should have been a warning when purchasing the tickets about the sexual content. I feel bad for the old couples who left after the first half because of the content. But it was still a fun experience. I am already looking forward to the next outing.

Other than my new job, there isn’t a whole lot going on. We haven’t done any big projects around the house for a while, although we have a few ideas bouncing around…

We were thinking about doing the countertops in the kitchen next, but now I am thinking we should start on the basement. The second is more expensive, but it wouldn’t be a rush job. No one sees the basement and the only reason we are down there now is to do laundry, so if it takes a long time to finish it isn’t a big deal.

It would be nice having the extra room downstairs. We would probably move the things in the loft to the basement, and then move the office to the loft. Then we would have the current office/spare bedroom solely the spare bedroom.

I have been also working on several WordPress themes. None of them are finished, but I have many started. I hope to finish them soon and get some free ones posted on here. I know, I have been promising some for a while now!

Before I started my new job, I opened up an Etsy shop. I planned on putting some pre-mades for sale but have not gotten around to finishing them. I am still taking clients though, so if you are interested, feel free to stop by and place an order!

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