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The title says it all. I am happy, happy, happy.

Why is that?

Because THE GREEN BAY PACKERS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!! Oh yeah! I am a huge Packer fan. I get a little carried away…

I even named one of my vehicles after Rodgers (the quarterback).


I am also happy because it finally snowed a decent amount last week. We got somewhere between fifteen and twenty inches.

Here are some pictures.

First things first, Matt had to shovel the driveway. Ernie thought he wanted to help, but since the snow was taller than him, and he is a big pansy, he came back in rather quickly.

Actually, before this, I had to actually find him in the backyard. He thought he would follow Maggie out, and quickly realized that the snow was even taller than he realized and he was stuck.

It was actually quite funny.

After the driveway was done, and Matt shoveled away the four feet of snow that the snow plow left at the end of the driveway three times, we went for a drive. We have four wheel drive, and a pretty tall vehicle, so it was fun. Most of these roads were not plowed yet.

The trees were beautiful!!

This is one of the roads that was not plowed. Someone made a tunnel through the snow, but that is actually a 7 foot plus wall ON the road. It was taller than my vehicle, but so much fun to drive through.

These were some of the vehicles that were stranded and left in the middle of the road from the night before. There were several of them alongside this road.

There was so much snow and nowhere to put it, so it had to be taken away by trucks. There are still plenty of city roads that this needs to be done to yet.

Isn’t downtown gorgeous in the winter?

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