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Winter Hike

A few weekends ago Matt and I went to a couple of state parks to take pictures of one of my vehicles in the snow, hehe. The snow wasn’t very deep and the best time to take vehicle photos is right after it snows, so I wasn’t too excited about most of my photos.

What I did like, though, was the pictures we got while we went on a small hike.

If you remember, a few months ago we did this same hike when it was green out. I will post some “before” pictures along the way to help you remember.

We didn’t hike in this area, but where we started is where this path ends near. Look how gorgeous the yellows, blues and greens are in the Summer! If we had snow shoes or skis, this is suppose to be a good hike in the winter. Maybe next year!

Here is where we entered. There isn’t a lot of snow, so it wasn’t too hard to walk on. Most of it was packed down from previous hikers.

A little down the path, further into the wood, is where the waterfall is located. In order to reach the waterfall, you have to go down a very steep set of rock stairs. In the winter, they are heavily snow covered and very slippery.

We basically slid all the way down. But the effort was worth it!

As a refresher, here is what it looked like in the Summer.

It is so peaceful down here. In the Winter, it is a whole new place.

I love the texture that the frozen waterfall created.

While we were down there, we met a man who was taking photos for his wife’s photography class. I am pretty sure he just wanted to play with my camera, but he asked if we wanted our picture taken. So, here is a rare photo of me on my website.

I hate posting photos of myself!

Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I am glad that we ventured out to get these photos.

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