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Brewers Game

Yesterday we went to our first Brewers game of the season. I am not sure if we will be going to any more this year, but we always go to at least one every year.

This year it was against the Cubs. Our biggest rivals.

First off, it was perfect weather. It was 80 degrees! And sunny.

Maybe a little too sunny, since I did get burned, but it was still a gorgeous day.

We had good seats too.

The score of the game also stayed close the whole time. The Brewers ended up winning, saving the winning hit for the eight inning.

The score is hard to read, but this is after the Brewers went back into the lead. Here is the close up:

For those of you who aren’t familiar with reading baseball scores, it is 6 to 5, Brewers.

After the game is when the drama began. I didn’t know the people we were with (besides one and a half people). I say a half because one of the guys went to the same high school as me but he was a grade below me.

Anyway, his girlfriend decided to punch a fan of the other team because this girl was giving her shit the whole day and being, well, a bitch… and then her boyfriend almost got arrested for trying to stop that girl’s boyfriend from throwing a punch…

This guy who so drunk that he kept falling over every time he tried to do anything, so I don’t think his punch would have been much of anything if he did throw one…

I wasn’t there to see this. But what I did see was her going crazy at the car because her boyfriend didn’t stick up for her… even though he was the one that almost got arrested.

I don’t know. It was too much drama for me, so the details don’t matter to me.

The point was.

It was a good game!

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