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Six years later…

There’s one thing I know about time, and that is that it goes too fast and you never get enough of it. I stopped blogging here over six years ago, and then a few years later, let the domain expire. I was working a full time, and demanding web design job, running my own photography business, and designing websites on the side. I was exhausted, and ran out of time for myself real quick. Two years ago, I quit my full time job to pursue my business. While I still work a lot, I now have more time for myself and my lazy activities. 

While camping for a few days with some friends, we started talking about blogging and I realized I missed it. It’s nice to have your own spot on the web for keeping track of your life. The good and the bad. Even if it gets discarded for a while, just to pick it back up. So here I am again, a spot I have been in dozens of times over the past 20+ years. Let’s see how it goes this time.

It will take me a while to update everything, design something new, and think of things to post. Not to mention, I am crazy to start this right before the busiest month of the season for our business. I’ll get there.

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