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The Woman in the Window

Rating: 4 stars

The Woman in the Window was my fourth mini-book club book for 2018. Truth is, I had a really hard time getting into it. So much so, that if this wasn’t a book club read, I probably would have gave up! Maybe it was because the writing was different from my last book, but I just could not get a good flow going. Whatever the reason, once I did get into it (somewhere around chapter 20) I couldn’t put it down. It was captivating. I was always almost to the answer, but it just kept going. I am absolutely sure the author wrote it this way, so there is not one good spot where you feel okay stopping for the night. This was an intense read, and I easily recommend it to those who like a good mystery. There are a few plot twists to figure out, so be ready to figure out multiple mysteries.

Just a side note… the popcorn/soda theme of this image is because this book was obviously written for the movie screen. I am pretty sure it’s already in the works to be a movie??


Things I liked

  • I was never bored, and it was really hard to put down; so I didn’t. I stayed up until 1:30am to finish this one.
  • While I did figure out 90% of this book, I couldn’t quite put my finger on who did it.


Things I disliked

  • This book is exactly like Girl on the Train and another book I have read but can’t put my finger on. I’ve read this book before (not really)! 
  • WHY do all suspense books end with a huge thunder storm just as the killer is revealed and trying to make their move? Annoys me to no end. Here I am at 1:30 in the morning silently yelling in bed, trying not to wake my sleeping husband and dog.
  • I am over the books where the main character is waisting away on booze and pills. Can’t we have something new?

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