Blogging has always been an interest to me, even though I am not particularly good at writing. What I like most about it is being able to go back and remember what I have done and what I have accomplished. It is also just a personal space for me to do what I want, to create and express. The beginning of my blogging goes back about fifteen years; I am not even sure it was called blogging back then but was simply just an online journal. I used it more for artwork and other creations, but later as I got more active I started writing more and more about my days.

The one downfall to having an online blog is that I sometimes feel too crowded by unwanted visitors and suddenly lose interest in one domain and move on to the next. I hope that this does not happen this time and I can actually keep blogging enjoyably for some time.

Our Zoo of Animals

HunterThis is Hunter. We have had him the longest – since January 2008. I use to think he was the best behaved, but now I am not sure who is. He has an attitude… very lippy. You tell him to do something and he gives you an attitude first, just like a child.

TweakNext came Tweak. He was given to me by one of my friends because he was too crazy for her. We got him in October of 2008 – he was about 4 months old at the time. He hasn’t grown since 😉 And yes, he is crazy. Although, he has been calming down a bit in his old age.

maggieMaggie was our first pup. She is a German Shepherd and Husky mix who does pretty much what she is doing in the photo all day long. She follows me everywhere I go inside – she has separation anxiety. However, if she were to get lose outside, she wouldn’t even remember who I was and run away and never come back. Stubborn as heck! We got her in February of 2009.

ernieLast, but not least is Ernie – he is a Rat Terrier. You can’t tell here but he is missing a back leg. When he was 11 weeks old he was hit by a car. We adopted him when he was a day short of 6 months – July 31, 2009. He is one crazy pup, full of lots and lots and lots of energy. His favorite activity is ripping up tissue all over the living room carpet when left unattended for 10 seconds. But we love him. Most of the time.

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