I can’t even go back to my first domain name or why I chose it since it has been so long ago. Even more so because over the past years I have accumulated more blog sites and sites related to blogging that it would be nearly impossible to think of them all. So to skip a few years, I will bring you to now. On January 1st, 2009 I decided that I wanted a new domain name to move my personal blog to. I wanted a place where I could share my interests and post anything I wanted without having to worry about going over my upload limit or posting something that wasn’t appropriate to the name of my old blog. That is when I asked my sister – being the creative person she is – to think of a great domain name for me. The first one she gave me (out of the 25 that she sent) was hourbyhour.

It took me a few domain registerants and several days later before I actually was able to register the name, but here I am. I am not sure what I liked so much about the name, but I felt like I wasn’t constricted to one domain style. I could change my theme and blog name to anything I chose, whenever I wanted. This is especially nice since I get bored so easily and find myself moving sites much too often.

In conclusion, I must ask that nothing on this site is taken personally and I expect everyone to obey all copyright terms. Otherwise, enjoy my little corner on the web.

Current Layout

I got tired of the old design fast and I wanted something with lighter colors. The header features one of my photographs and myself. I don’t like posting pictures of myself so this may be one of the only ones you will see.

Past Layouts

May 2010

This theme was something a little more colorful to fit with Spring and Summer. The little images and some patterns came from here. I wasn’t sure about having one entry on each page, but it looked better with this type of design. Also, another layout that went wider than I wanted.

January 2010

Since the design before this was up for a very long time, about 9 months, I decided to create a new one. This one was based around the same concept as the last, a journal theme. I went with paper textures and almost a scrapbook idea for the side with photos. The layout was a little more wide than I would have liked, so not all screen resolutions were able to see it, but there was a scrollable option.

April 2009
April 2009

I wanted to create a design that reflected this website as an online Journal. I also wanted it to be clean and white but colorful at the same time. I feel this design fits all of those things and has enough character so I will keep it around for a long time.

January 2009
January 2009

The January 2009 layout was to reflect the long, yet beautiful winter months here in Wisconsin. I like simple layouts, so there wasn’t much substance to the design but I found it fit my mood at that time.

Credits for the desktop wallpaper used as the header go to Otherwise, everything else was created by me.

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